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Belle Epoque: Lina Wells 3 by Catomix Belle Epoque: Lina Wells 3 by Catomix
Now Lina has passed through the uncanny valley as she gains a thick layer of makeup to appear quite convincingly doll-like. Ever the model of a perfect lady, Lina strolls down Main Street, catching many an eye, and curtsying to those few bystanders who can still manage to form coherent words to offer compliments on her look.

I love drawing fashions, and dollification is kind of becoming a thing with me. This sequence was a very fun project and it forced me to learn a lot about fabric and hair detailing.

There is more to this series, though! I felt like only putting highlights here on dA. I'll post the entire thing to my transformation blog soon.
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sunny-temple Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017
Very  interesting change.

I also like how her hair shifted as well as her makeup
black-sunn89 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
looks really eligant~~~
Lostlocks Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Love your work.  This reminds me of a particular instagrammer.
Catomix Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Professional
Thank you! I just had a look at some of your stories. They're quite nice.
Lostlocks Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!!
RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
The living doll looks cute so far. ;)

Been a while since I've seen anything from you. :)

So how have things been? :)
Catomix Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Professional

I've been well. Doing a lot of stuff non-art-related these days, but still drawing when I can.
RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
Say, while I have your attention, there's something I need your advice on:

It's about my star OC Celia Rhodes/Silly Road. I remember when I came up with her, as a highschool student Celia Rhodes gets straight A's in all her classes, but it's not for bragging rights. She only does it to keep her strict dad happy with her.

Her dad wants her to get good grades so that she can go to college and study to become a doctor.

After becoming a toon, she still wants to be a doctor, but not for her dad - Silly Road wants to study her own toon DNA so that she can try to recreate the paint that transformed her to turn more people into happy toons like herself ........ just in case she can't get it back from Duke Nightmare who stole it from her.

My problem is, I don't know how high Celia's I.Q. would have to be to get good grades in all her classes at the age of 16.

As a toon, she's just as smart, and has an attitude to match. I know she's fictional, but I wanted to make her believable in terms of intellect without making her seem like a Mary-Sue, or a total dork :iconalphysplz: so what do I do? :worry:

I mean, Cass must be fairly intelligent to do the things she does, and you've done such a good job at balancing her. ^^;

Sorry. I didn't mean to overload you. It's just something I'm trying to figure out as a writer. ^^;
Catomix Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Professional
Celia would probably need to have an IQ at least somewhat above-average to do that well in high school. It would make her possibility to succeed in replicating the toon paint more believable if her IQ is high, but that alone won't put her in danger of being a Mary Sue.

The key to balancing your main character is to give her appropriate problems to solve. Problems like a villain, a bad situation, etc. If you give her a challenging problem (but not so challenging that it's realistically impossible) and have her work hard to solve it while showing her weaknesses and/or making a serious sacrifice at the same time, you'll show your readers that Celia is smart, determined, vulnerable and believable.

In Cass' case, she has an arch-rival who was (at the beginning) determined to humiliate her and break her spirit by turning her entire life upside-down. Writing stories about Cass persevering through her change and standing up to Morty and other threats is what, I think, makes her a believable and balanced character.
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